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For the convenience of our patients, a well-trained staff of audiologists are on-hand to dispense and service hearing aids. We are here to assist in the decision of style and type of hearing device, with an emphasis on educating and counseling versus generating sales. Audiologists are highly educated (Minimum degree of Master’s and/or Doctorate), thoroughly trained (credentialed, with multiple years experience) and abide by a code of ethics which places the best interest of the patient first, and condemns any unscrupulous practices. Many of our patients have been seeing both our physicians and audiologists for years, enjoying a friendly, family-like environment in contrast to high-volume hearing aid practices with lots of turnover and low-quality rapport.

Obtaining hearing aids should be viewed more as a rehabilitative process, rather than just “putting them on and off you go”. The audiologists will make sure you fully understand the *many* differences in hearing aids on the market, and will make recommendations based on your lifestyle and unique needs. After you are fitted with hearing aids, we will have you come in to check and double-check your progress within the 60-day trial period. Once you are committed to the hearing aids and aural rehabilitation process, you are welcome to come in for cleaning, checks, reprogramming, etc., for the life of the hearing aids, free of charge.

We strive to keep our prices competitive and yet, offer the most current, cutting-edge technology available. Venturing into hearing aid territory can be confusing, challenging and anxiety-provoking. Our goal is to make the transition comfortable, while giving you the tools to take control of your hearing health and overall ability to communicate, thus helping you enjoy a higher quality of life!

You are welcome to schedule a complimentary hearing aid evaluation appointment, preferably after seeing a physician for an exam and medical clearance.




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